Play your own game like a professional gamer! Be the first person who wants to become a patron of our wordpress site. The Unity games are here. Kozmobot will offer a verity of games, created in Unity and both 2D and 3D.

Made in Unity

First of all, the games are made with the most popular machine, Unity. It is possible to use it for both 2D and 3D games. To get started, grab your pencil and make a cool design interface!

The unity games will offer you the best resources from game development services.

Check this out

The first game we made for the Play Store. Tic Tuc is the game we play!

Playable on any device

Start making games and play them on your smartphone, tablet and PC. Instead of Android, you can use Windows-powered PC to run these games that are exported. Lastly, these games will work on any kind of device.

Get your first game now!

Download the Unity Engine and start developing your simple game concepts! In other words, you can spend a lot of time reading tutorials and learning C#, and your knowledge will grow… 

Learn Game Dev today!

Kozmo’s main goal is to teach you the fundamentals and all easy stuff that is required for future game development.

After all, we want to make your studying better and more compact!

Are you ready?

Grab your development kit and start making games!

Learn Unity without limits!

We hope you find this page helpful. First, if you are interested in Programming, Android Studio and Visual C#, Kozmobot is the best choice for you. Therefore, you should check out the other products and services of Kozmobot!


Get your programming skills and enjoy. Learn Python, C#, Kotlin and more.!

Android Development

Make your first mobile app!

Graphic Design

Endless game changer that makes graphic design tasks useful and makes your better understanding.