Photography Project #1

The first college project for Photography.

This project is the beginning. An abandoned house has become a photography project that can be explained through a long story.

The creator of Kozmobot had a college project in the last week of November. At the first pre-examination in the subject “photography”, he won the maximum points. It was difficult to choose only 5 photos out of the few hundred he took this semester, but this photo was never disputed.

The photography project doesn’t have a name, because it’s just an exam task, and if there was, it would probably be called “Nobody lives here anymore”.

That is simply a fact. The bills are stuck between the front door and the door of the dilapidated family house. Obviously, they are a proof that no one has opened that door for a long time. Bills for services that no one has used for a long time and which probably no one will ever pay. These bills are becoming a symbolic moral vertical of our time in the general gray.

Instead of electricity that no one needs, there is a bill for false propaganda. “Your right to know everything”, for a phone called only by fraudsters and to which no one answers anymore. Also invitations to go to the polls, for ghosts and apparitions that can easily pass through locked doors like these. To win another convincing victory at the polls. Which, a little later, will close many more similar doors forever …
The postman will continue to bring that mail regularly for some time to come, trying to satisfy his form and maintain a futile semblance. Until these never-read papers reveal the true dimensions of doom, gloom and nonsense, contained in a simple sentence that puts an end to everything:
“No one lives here anymore.”

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