Game Development

Services for Game Development Jobs.

In this page, you will learn more about Creator’s experience with game dev and about the services for professional game development. To begin with, I have been experimenting with various game dev videos and I am looking to find a job related to game industry. Year 2022 was very successful and I have lots of projects. The projects are awaiting for their completion. This picture defines my workspace project, which develops skills for people. Anyone who needs help with making video games, I am that person who can help.

The Story

Everything started in 2017, when this website was first opened. Unfortunately, that period was only for learning game dev. I was not able to be a professional developer without any exercise. Currently, I don’t have any saved posts and experience prior to 2021. I started keeping every concept drawing I had from Inktober. The Inktober drawings helped me learn to draw. I had taken classes for drawing. Now because 2023 is the year where my dream comes true, I decide to make more videos every week.

Games are still my hobby. The Ins and Outs of my creative projects are a conduction of my realism and hyper-casual game styles. This includes the first projects that were present without any experience. My friends told me a lot of valuable things related to game industry jobs because they can introduce myself into a company that makes games with its own engine, it’s the company Ubisoft.

But since I had some presentations related to a game dev company, I developed my own game, which is called Tic Tuc Run! and it is currently for Android devices only.

Published Games

Tic Tuc Run

Tic Tuc Run is the only published game so far. The latest version of the game is a 3D endless runner, while the first version was 2D. In this game, two little robotic candies escape a city called EinTuc because Tuc aliens are chasing them ever since they left Evsa. It is on the opposite side of the river. Evsa is a borough where TicTucs live after they come back from work and school. There is a central city quarter, EinTuc Metro, is a metropolitan area with tall buildings, mostly covered with stripe textures.

This game has received positive reviews and people like the gameplay. More games are coming after the Creator gets more inspiration.

Aliens Platformers

This is a game that centers on an alien whose name is Spiker. It is a 2D platformer positioned in outer space with artificial platforms. After reaching the Kuiper planet and the dwarf planet Sedna, a new player appears: Space Skunga, which continues to be a playable character. The game was developed before Kozmobot and had 40 levels. It was never uploaded to the internet, except the ftp version. The original game project was lost and therefore this game needs to be repaired.