Here you can play some Kozmobot Games!

kozmobot games nick robot

Nick Robot

Coming September 2023

The basic 2D platformer experience, brought to you from the earliest computer games from the 80s! Help Nick collect coins and battle against the evil robots. He has a goal to make his own robotic machine!

Bird Universe

Coming August 2023

Help Astronia save the world! Evil birds from some other galaxy have teleported into the Solar System, causing the big damage that has shifted Neptune’s orbit. The planet’s orbits are now unstable, so help Astronia come back to Earth and save the Solar System!

Tic Tuc Run!

September 2019

Arimobi is the main protagonist who wants to live a normal life with his wife Anica, who needs physical exercise. Help Arimobi and Anica run through the obstacles and collect some gems. Fun fact: Tictuc is a word for “human” in the fictional “Tictuc” language.