INKTOBER Day 6 – Spirit

ghost inktober drawings 6

A character from an animated movie, Spirit. It was the first drawing of 6th October. I didn’t know will it be a horse cartoon, or a ghost.

The prompt of the Day 6 is Spirit. Did you mean a horse character or a ghost?

Well, a spirit is something related to your soul or a ghost. It can be any inanimate object that has relations with Gods.

Here is the same text from Day 3:

Using the creative process, I can make videos every single day! I can tell you that this project is going to be amazing. Also, Inktober is a fun way to promote yourself. I can expect 100-200 followers if my content is good. Then I will easily get support from the other people and they will recommend my channel. Unfortunately, this challenge will be failed if I miss one day. Inking is possible with all kinds of drawing media: from technical pen, drawing ink, to poster colors and acrylic painting techniques.

The next drawing will be a fan. It will be a cooling fan, rotating fan or a non-computer term. A cooling fan can be represented differently, like a device for refreshing and cooling.

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