Inktober Challenge – Day 3

drawings vessel inktober 3

Inktober DAY 3 – Vessel. It is an abstract shape that can be placed inside a boat. I used to combine both drawings for Inktober Day 3.

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It has been 3 days.
Since October has started, I have joined a challenge where I need to draw Inktober related content. I cannot draw anything else.

Using the creative process, I can make videos every single day! I can tell you that this project is going to be amazing. Also, Inktober is a fun way to promote yourself. I can expect 100-200 followers if my content is good. Then I will easily get support from the other people and they will recommend my channel. Unfortunately, this challenge will be failed if I miss one day. Inking is possible with all kinds of drawing media: from technical pen, drawing ink, to poster colors and acrylic painting techniques.

The next things to draw are: Knot, Raven, Spirit, Fan etc. It will be very cool to draw a bonus drawing at the end! Also, this will be about a game project that will come until the end of the year: When The Summer Dies. It will be a game about music.

Here is how the real work looks like:

inktober day 3

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