Welcome to 2022!

Have an amazing year with a manikin drawing!

The main character of Kozmobot is a wooden manikin called Mano. He makes every manikin drawing more advanced and stunning. Mano can teach you the right way to draw poses. If you need them for game development, the next video will teach you.

Click the video to watch.

2022 is a year that will bring game development, pencil drawings and other videos for entertainment purposes. Since this post is an off-topic video, you can watch the Youtube short where Manikin is celebrating. The year 2022 is going to be a great year for me. I will make more posts related to the drawing topic.

So, what is Manikin up to?

He will bring the creativity to life in 2022. Since its establishment in 2017, this will be the first year where Kozmobot will start working on its content pretty much every day. Manikin will use his pose to help the creator make more interesting drawings:

with a manikin drawing...
Click this image to open Tik Tok page.

So, how is the website improving?

In the fifth year of Kozmobot website, the famous manikin called Mano will promote these posts to a bigger audience. Click this button to check out the other posts from Kozmobot!

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