The Gallery of High Quality Illustrations from the Creator.

There are so many illustrations that are part of Kozmobot. Some of these artworks are for product design, but some of them are commercial. This page is for illustrations only, not for graphic design. Also, the front page of this website has a sentence that has to be displayed here:

Kozmobot is a place where creativity meets a Professional Creator. The Creator is capitalized because it is used to symbolize the main character, who does the entire job himself. Don’t stop calling him Creator, because he does not use his real name on Internet.

The Creator has his own passion in building a personal brand of drawings, merchandise, equipment for professional artwork and creative projects, but that brand name is coming soon. Kozmobot is a name that will be printed on technical pens, markers, purses and other things that come from bookstores. Even some of the most popular merch will include the word “Kozmobot” on the front page of content.

Character Design

Main article: Character Design

There are some good characters, like Manox and Kozmo. They are not the same species, one is a wooden man and the second one is a robot. Since these two guys are still in development, you can image how they easily communicate with real people. Manox appears in a short video, trying to present his skills, but it doesn’t go well. He ends up in writing a sentence on a piece of green paper, but Kozmo helps him fulfill his creative goal. The Creator has some of the most popular character designs here. Some of them are in development:

Concept Art

Main article: Concept Art

Concept Art is a kind of off-topic on Kozmobot, which gets released every two months. One of the first concept art videos is Forza – Canyon Empire, which is a concept for the game that will be released in the future, probably in 2024. The Creator has a lot of skills, but the skills in concept art and digital drawing are weaker than illustration and pencil drawing works.

Hire a designer!

The website’s creator will help you with game design. Hire him as a graphic designer!