Enemy Shooting in Unity

Tutorial for Enemy Shooting in Unity.

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The Tutorial

Let’s make the enemy cube shoot bullets to the player! Don’t take this sentence seriously, because it is not intended to sound violent like real life shooting. Anyway, the cube shoots some toy bullets, which are ball shaped and they don’t really harm your player or any person playing this game. Anyway, this tutorial will help you get some basic knowledge of Unity that will be used in future projects, that can become bigger because of becoming much more exciting with these elements…

In this video, you will learn how to make an enemy object that will shoot bullets at your player. The first thing you need to do is to make a sphere that will be resized to be smaller than the enemy cube.

Next, you have to add a script that will instantiate the bullet from a spawn point, which is an empty game object, consisting of only one element – Transform. The script used in this video describes what exactly is required for an instance of an element to be magically generated.

It’s a very simple Unity tutorial that can be useful for beginners. I can help you make an enemy shooting script in Unity, that will follow your player by using a component called AI. The predefined enemy can travel inside the Nav mesh, shooting bullets at a fixed time, causing your player to collect damage and if it collects a lot of damage, the game ends. This script contains the brackets that say that the script needs to instantiate the enemy bullet, along with the spawn point‘s position and rotation. This script loads everything that is required for making an enemy shoot bullets in Unity.

If you find this video helpful, consider subscribing. This is the sixth video in the 3D platformer tutorial series. Lastly, I will make more game development tutorials and other content related to game industry. These videos will help beginner game developers become better and make amazing games. Disclaimer: the point of enemy shooting is in entertainment, not in causing physical damage to the player.

The script teaches you to define a void where the entire script needs to be collected. Then, you should simply add this script to the Enemy and it will start chasing your player and shooting the bullets!

Kozmobot Games has had such an amazing growth on its own channel, so this video can teach you how to make an enemy shooting at your player. This video, however, is only considered a basic solution for this problem, without any further details about your player’s effects during the shooting.

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