3D Modeling
Curves in Blender

Learn to make Curves in Blender!

In this post, you will learn how to make curves in Blender and how to use Nurbs Curves for 3D modeling. It is useful for beginners in 3D. It will also help you make an abstract illusion of 3D shapes.

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Nurbs Curves

You can make something as you can see on the thumbnail. Curves are useful because you can shape something without using spheres and cubes, which become extremely large whenever you try to add them onto your 3D scene. With curves, you can add 5 vertices, leave only one vertex and start extruding into a shape you want to create. To learn how to do it, this tutorial is for you. This video will show you how to transform nurbs curves into valuable shapes and it is useful for people who didn’t have any touch with Blender before. If you find it helpful, consider subscribing! There are other 3D modeling tutorials, blender tutorials and anything else related to game design, so you can also check them out!

The term “Nurbs Curve” is used for making experimental curves in Blender. These curves can be experimental, where you can modify the points and create simpler assets. Curves are much faster than adding separate shapes, because you can copy each vertex and add/extrude more and more vertices. The vertices created in Nurbs Curves are connected in one straight line. To use them, you need to move and manipulate with vertices. After adding enough nurbs curves as planned, the next step is to adjust extrusion, where adjusting its depth is optional, but can mean a lot if you want to make a shape out of it. Nurbs Curves are special and have a lot of options for Blender users.

game nurbs curves blender

How is this created?

The creation process is explained in the video. After rendering the original image, there were lots of improvements and manipulation, additional effects like Neon Glow, shape selections and adding a completely different background color.

Curved shapes can be extremely professional if you know how to manipulate with. This is a combination of alphabets with some materials and transparency. The original image was pink, but it was later improved to make stunning and staggering results of 3D rendering.

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Art and Drawing
Inktober Camo Drawing

Camo Drawing for Inktober Challenge.

The fifteenth week of 2022 and is very cool. Inktober Camo Drawing is a video on What Nik Designed and it features a new character, Cameca.

There is a short story that describes the origin of these characters, who come from a Steampunk Concept Art project. First of all, the Camo outfits are only present on the human beings, while the other creatures have their secret skills and outfits. Here is something about Cameca, which is the main animal character:

She is a blue bird with a golden beak and is a carrier for ball shaped spaceships. Cameca’s sister, Angela, looks slightly confused. Underneath her body there are some Tictuc aliens who appear to be invading the city of Eintuc. A human being, which has the camo suit, has a task to overcome these aliens and throw bombs onto their property, including houses and streets. This drawing is a cartoon photo filter and it is available in grayscale only. Cameca is more hard-working, but Angela is care-free and sometimes underwhelming. These birds’ parents were not the same species, so that’s why their descendants are different.

cameca camo drawing for inktober

The Creator has a problem: he has a lot of college tasks and projects that haven’t been finished yet.

With Kozmobot, you can have a better design, according to creator’s drawing skills since Inktober.

You can join Kozmobot by visiting social links, where you can learn more about business in game industry. The Creator will be a game designer, animator, while the other people who build his personal team will be the co-workers. Apart from digital art, traditional sketches and other merchandise, game development will also be part of Kozmobot. You can fulfill your biggest dream by hiring and e-mailing the Creator, who will respond in less than 24 hours. Lastly, this contact form button will fulfill your dreams.

Graphic Design
Simple Illustration #1

Simple Character Flat Design Illustration – This is a simple design that has place in various fields. I usually design games, so here are the examples. The flat design illustration is here!

The first thing I want to tell is that I need to be original. The key in being original is that people will recognize your illustration. I have a Behance account that has some projects with graphic design.

A simple aviator, king or army man can be made with these shapes. Furthermore, this color combination is one of the factory Adobe presets.


The original idea for this illustration is still unknown. I am continuing to increase my creativity skills and develop something that is original and open-source.

I will soon start advertising and selling the illustrations. Some of these will be partially free and there will be paid illustrations. If you are interested, you can check out the links by clicking these buttons:

This is my second example. I am trying to build more high-quality characters for games. This website turns into a big database for game characters and it will therefore be optimized for people who need to look for the best design. Lastly, there will be more flat design illustration and

Games News
Tic Tuc game

An endless runner for Android devices. Try it now!

The new game for Android devices! Tic Tuc is the endless runner game that was developed in 2019, but there is an update!

Tic Tuc Runner is just a name that makes Tic Tac and Tuc cookies connected in one game.

Tikac-Tukac, also known as Ticketta, is so excited because you came here. She wants to introduce you through this blog post!

Update in May 2021: The original creator of the game has announced that he is working on audio production and that the game will take longer to be released in 3D.

Let’s make a TikTok game!

WHAT? I didn’t mean TikTok, the game’s name is Tic Tuc! Also, make sure that dance is on the go. Tic Tuc dancers, I mean TikTok, always want to be world famous.

The point of this game is in a dance style that Tickette likes to perform. I was just kidding, TikTok is not just made for dancing. People post esthetic videos there, but some of them want to make pranks. This game does not make people think that I wanted to name my game TikTok instead.

tic tuc endless runner

A game under development

Inspiration was found this year, by a game designer who makes professional art. Jaysen Batchelor, even though his video was released 4 years ago, was a channel that no longer uploads videos. Even though I was inspired with his game art video, I tried to make a background.

Also, there are platforms that make gameplay better. Tickette can eat Tuc biscuits, Tictac candies, but she needs to avoid green monster cookies!

The Gameplay

Tic can travel into two worlds: Martian Red and Alien Blue sky worlds. There will be five adventure levels and two difficulties. Easy and Hard endless runs have no end, they can progress infinitely.

The endless games have a big set of spike platforms. The object pooling system generates only platforms, it is not the same as in the previous update, where spike blades were blocking your gameplay.

When the update becomes live on Google Play, I will look around and find a game dev team. To find a team who will work with me might seem really hard. I will be making music, game designs and I will render everything, but I need to find someone who will write codes in C#.

However, Tic Tuc Endless Runner is a game like Subway Surfers. These games never end, they can be played “forever”. The only exception is in real life, where you have a lot of different things just to play games. People will force you to stop playing and these games in reality are NOT endless.

Major Update Release

Unfortunately, working on 3D graphics will make this game a lot different from its original release. The next update is a big change, so until June 2021, it will be ready for publishing.

Download the Game

Click the link below to download and play! You can download at this link:

Android Play Store