Unreliable Narrator

A gallery vlog related to sculpture design.

Unreliable narrator is an exhibition, scheduled to take place on September 24th. There was a gallery vlog that took place the following day. It was located in the Museum of Contemporary Arts. This is one of the exhibitions that I wanted to visit, and here are some photos from that exhibition:

Details about Gallery

The multi-decade opus of a sculpture creator and artist, Mrđan Bajić, has a special, chronological way, representing his early career and these sculptures are part of historical Yugomuseum. These are the editions of Bajić’s sculptures: ’80s vs ’90s, Yugomuzej, Nepouzdane priče.

Following Bajić’s initial research into the media potential of sculpture and the relationship between idea-form-space during the eighties, there followed a period of the author’s intensive investigations into the three-dimensionality of form and the expressive possibilities of materials, in which he began to introduce architectural-constructive methodology, later defined by the term sculptotecture (Lidija Merenik) which to this day, it remains crucial in the interpretations of his work and the procedures of further complicating and elaborating sculptural units, which often included multimedia expressions.

The most advanced attraction is a photo-cell structure, which is probably the most compounded sculpture. It uses solar panels to gain additional power. I claim that this exhibition has helped me get some new ideas and learn more about creator’s imagination.

At the very first beginning, mini sculptures took part in a gallery vlog that includes a showcase of middle-sized toys, Mickey’s head and sculptures made of Lego bricks. Lego is used to express some special emotions and materials. The most inspiring part comes at the end, where all artist’s pieces were presented in their minor version.

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