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  • Unreliable Narrator

    Unreliable Narrator

    A gallery vlog related to sculpture design. Unreliable narrator is an exhibition, scheduled to take place on September 24th. There was a gallery vlog that took place the following day. It was located in the Museum of Contemporary Arts. This is one of the exhibitions that I wanted to visit, and here are some photos […]

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  • Inktober Stripes Drawing

    Inktober Stripes Drawing

    Stripes Drawing for Inktober Challenge. The third week is here! It is about an Inktober Stripes Drawing. When it comes time to the word “Stripes”, it is everything related to horizontal and vertical lines… The Creator wants to show you the way he creates drawings. This was a rapid drawing video with illusions. Since previous […]

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  • FLAT Illustration #2

    FLAT Illustration #2

    FLAT Illustration for your creative projects. This project is about a man holding a phone. The second flat illustration is just a project that will include a simple illustration. It will be amazing if you can use it as an advertisement. Make people proud! This website will deliver amazing results! Check out the social links:

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  • Inktober Challenge – Day 3

    Inktober Challenge – Day 3

    Inktober DAY 3 – Vessel. It is an abstract shape that can be placed inside a boat. I used to combine both drawings for Inktober Day 3. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Nikola Ristic (Kozmobot) (@bot.production) It has been 3 days.Since October has started, I have joined a challenge where I […]

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  • Meet Cosmo

    Meet Cosmo

    YOUR PERSONAL ASSISTANT. Meet Cosmo, a young robot who helps people solve their major problems with design and game development. For testing purposes, Kozmo is one of the most improvised robots who knows 10 programming languages. Kozmo is a great robot and he is the best humanoid. His friends could be birds, humans or aliens, […]

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  • Blend Tool in Illustrator

    Blend Tool in Illustrator

    Details This is an example of how long can you go with graphic design details. The blend tool in illustrator is under development. It can be powerful and can turn your illustrations into a masterpiece.

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