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This is a Fox Logo Design that has been requested from Foxonauts’ YouTube channel. I have made it in a couple of hours, using my imagination. The YouTuber whose channel is based on gaming has requested a logo that represents a fox with a space helmet and suit.

The Creation and Origin

FoXonauts is a YouTuber who has a big passion in playing video games. He and his brother have a channel that will be based on video games. They make short gameplay videos about a game named Valorant, which is created by the makers of League of Legends and is part of Riot Games company. The YouTuber has found out for my channel by going to Reddit and locating my comment in the weekly discussion thread, which was located in r/GetMoreViewsYT community. He wanted to add me on Discord and I accepted his request.

I had a task to design a logo that is based on the initial sketch, but that person, who is from Austria, has told me that he wants a two-headed fox with a space suit. First, he presented me a simple drawing, here is what it looked like:

Furthermore, I didn’t make anything related to that sketch. I was experimenting and thinking. The process of thinking has lasted for a couple of hours, and the full logo idea came one day later.

A fox, which is drawn in a retro style, can pretty much perform well if it becomes simplified. The paws are not very aesthetic, so this detail has been removed during the logo creation process.

The final variant of the fox logo is pretty vertical, most likely because of Foxini’s desire to have a logo with two foxes who wear helmets. That request becomes complicated. This is what Foxini from Discord, who has sent the initial sketch, has answered on my question about logo design:

I mean, if its possible for you, it should be for 2 brothers on 1 gaming channel with the 2 little spacefoxes, because we are doing the channel together.

Foxini from Discord

Logo Creation Video

Click the video to watch.

The initial phase looked like this:

Awards and Goals

The creative opus has been imagined to conclude people’s mind and creativity. A person who wanted a logo had a special aim: to make it the visual brand identity. The award-winning logo design will be prized 50-250$ depending on how much does the client want to pay. The Creator of Kozmobot website has imagined one day with a lot of good clients, like this one. But this is just the beginning, any further development is unknown.

I like when I design something I have never seen before. This makes me feel more comfortable and creative. The design ceremony will become an inconsiderate desire for people who have never had any touch with design and art.

Nikola R, Creator of Kozmobot


I am suffering from enlarged creativity. I need to have more time to think than to design. Feel free to share this post because it reveals an eye-catching story about a complicated logo. The aim of this website is to have a good database of creative works, that will inspire other people. Remember, good logo design is a design which cannot be more simplified.


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