Game Design #1 – TicTuc

game background for tictuc
The Updated TicTuc Game Design. This is the Major Update for Android.

These pictures are a set of design assets. They are part of the next Tic Tuc update. The worst thing is that TicTuc Game Design is so poor. It looked more like a game for kids. This time, it is the major change. The halfway realistic illustrations define the new game elements, like seaside, night city, Martian world etc.

Yahoo! I wanna play it!

A game featuring a TicTac candy, whose major enemies are Tuc biscuits, is expected to hit the markets in October 2021. Also, the 3D sequel of the game is expected to be released in 2022.

The point of the game is in a endless running experience, where your player fights against the Tuc biscuits and solves a puzzle. He collects the healthy food, collects heart candies and makes his lovely wife surprised.

As of September 2021, the game project called TicTuc has entered a heavy development stage. I can say that the new character and the new design will be quite flat design. It is a major update release, compared to previous two years.

Here is how the game looked like in 2019:

tictuc game design

The game has received mixed reviews. One claims that design needs a lot of improvement, but the other ones put a lot of dislikes.

The idea to make this game project was born in July 2019, but there weren’t any updates to the existing game. In the new version, all assets will be made in Inkscape. You can watch the latest video on YouTube.

To watch the design process videos, click one of these two buttons. The third button is the Bot Production page, where you can read more about creator’s main goals.

There are a lot of different game designs and ideas. This site is increasing attention and will be available for everyone who needs to make a game, buy design assets, play games by Kozmobot, watch tutorials etc. and this website is looking for building a team that will fulfill the developers’ dreams. Stay tuned!

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