Meet Cosmo

graphic design detailed


Meet Cosmo, a young robot who helps people solve their major problems with design and game development. For testing purposes, Kozmo is one of the most improvised robots who knows 10 programming languages.

Kozmo is a great robot and he is the best humanoid. His friends could be birds, humans or aliens, depending on what creatures live in his universe.

Flat design is still in development. It was one of the 2015’s design trends. Unfortunately, flat design is no longer a trend. It has been replaced with 3D design and modeling. These years, you can freely make design illustrations and simple logos. This is a video that describes our work.

First of all, Kozmo is a full-feature character and he is built to last longer without software updates.

Everyone can say these words about this assistant robot. He knows programming, design, music production, and everything you need to become proficient.


This robot is for your good job! Meet Cosmo, a young robot who helps people solve Unity problems. Therefore, the super fast response is one of the main resources where you can make this robot intensive and helpful to others.


There is no such thing like a “wrong” language. Every language can be useful for everyone and every non-human species.


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