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  • Meet Cosmo

    Meet Cosmo

    YOUR PERSONAL ASSISTANT. Meet Cosmo, a young robot who helps people solve their major problems with design and game development. For testing purposes, Kozmo is one of the most improvised robots who knows 10 programming languages. Kozmo is a great robot and he is the best humanoid. His friends could be birds, humans or aliens, […]

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  • Tic Tuc game

    Tic Tuc game

    An endless runner for Android devices. Try it now! The new game for Android devices! Tic Tuc is the endless runner game that was developed in 2019, but there is an update! Tic Tuc Runner is just a name that makes Tic Tac and Tuc cookies connected in one game. Tikac-Tukac, also known as Ticketta, […]

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