Inktober Decay Drawing

decay drawin illustration

Skull Decay Drawing for Inktober Challenge.

The second week prompt is an Inktober Decay Drawing. When it comes time to the word “Decay”, it is something that degrades and deforms. Any unusual situation is like radioactive half-life of isotopes. This drawing is the creator’s imagination during the college lesson, after coming up with the Inktober Story online…

inktober decay drawing

As the Creator said before, Pencil Art, Ink drawings and any other form of art are considered Inktober.

Inktober Decay Drawing is a video where you can see a short drawing process of a Skull Fanfic character, which is deformed and leaked. This character, named Azgie, will appear in animated videos as part of the Ghost Tower.

Azgie is a non-binary skull because it is hard to tell apart a female and male skull.

Using the creative process, I can make Inktober52 drawings available. This challenge plays its role every Thursday! Also, Inktober is a fun way to promote yourself. I can expect more than 100 followers.

Currently, as of 15th January, there are more than 90 followers, because the video has popped and became widespread. Follow me for more drawings!

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I will easily get support from the other people and they will recommend my drawings to a bigger audience. From technical pen, drawing ink, to poster colors and acrylic painting techniques, every drawing can look stunning and wonderful.

The next drawing is unknown. Will it be a cooling fan, non-computer term, or anything else, it depends on the creators of Inktober challenge.

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