Game Design

Design your game, concept art and more!

Design your game, concept art and more! You can become good in design if you follow the trends and search online. Game Design is staggering! You can hire a designer like me if you want an amazing design like never before. This picture is an example from 2017, when the website was first founded:

art game design concept

When it comes to design, make something unreal and fascinating! Hire a graphic designer or 3D modeler to create an unbelievable gameplay. Multimedia Assets are cool!

App Prototypes are showing the multimedia plan, which includes game character designs, assets, programming and audio effects.

Concept Art

Click the video to watch.

Concept art and game design go together, which is fine. These two terms don’t mean the same. One term is about a concept, that will be presented as a professional project, a professional product or service, while the second one is related to a game industry. This is the sentence you will hear from the creator in the future video (not in this one above):

As a game artist, I don’t usually do programming codes, because I need to hire a developer. A lot of things have changed, because I still need to improve myself and become a better designer, while the other things will be done by a bigger team.

The Creator of Kozmobot, Nikola R.

Concept Art is a much wider term than it is in this video. Because the creator doesn’t know exactly what a concept art is, it is a visual representation of a game, movie or some other purpose, which will be present in a visual art context. Instead of Concept Art, you can tell this is a form of Digital Art illustration. So far, the creator of Kozmobot has created many digital art pieces.

Problem is, because he couldn’t create concept art in Krita, and that he knew better Photoshop or Illustrator. The free alternatives, Krita and Inkscape, will be used for commercial projects, because they are completely free.