The Creator of Kozmobot

The Game Designer with lots of ideas.

The Creator of Kozmobot is a person who loves to draw and make games. He wants to be a good game designer who makes the best assets. On the other hand, he is a content creator who has a lot of plans for the future. He needs to build a professional career and make a big team of developers who will make his dreams come true. These photos are the best example of projects that the Creator has made so far. Most of the time, games become very simple and their genre is hyper-casual. There are so many projects under construction, so you can make sure that the Creator still needs to work on them…

My Portfolio

creator of kozmobot, game designer

Nikola Ristić

I am a content creator with over 3 years of experience in Graphic Design and Programming. The programs I use are Unity, Blender, Autodesk Maya and many more.

As a graphic designer, I use Adobe programs and I make amazing illustrations and designs. Recently I started working on multipurpose projects, that can be for 3D modeling, product design and various entertainment. Some of these designs will be sold on my web shop, which is coming soon… At some point, I have changed the way I think and create various things. You can see my designs and projects and hire me if you need a professional designer.

If you want to see my latest drawings or 3D assets, go to my creative portfolio:

“A game can be interesting if it has an attractive idea, but not attractive design. Sometimes, game design can be a solution of a complex problem when it comes to the game structure.”

Nikola R, The Creator of Kozmobot

My Projects

You can see a variety of projects on the social networks. This website has a small database of designs and works from the Creator of Kozmobot. These works will soon come to design publishing platforms, like Behance, Dribbble and many more. You can see a variety of creative works on the Creator’s social links, so these illustrations are the most popular and some of them have earned various design awards. If you want more projects, consider supporting the Creator on social networks!

My Progress

Skills in Blender

Latest Video

Here you can watch the latest drawing video of a game character.

Make Games with the Creator!

Game Designers are more important today than ever before. Today’s game industry is very powerful and people are making beautiful assets. If you are a music producer or programmer trying to find a game designer, you are at the right place! Click this button to support the Creator of Kozmobot: