Space Corridor

Corridor Assets for Space Projects and Indie Games.


The Space Corridor, also known as the Space Tunnel of the outer star systems, is the most massive object that has the Creator modeled. On a page that is full of “spaces”, this corridor makes a sensible thought that the cosmic word appears as the inspiration. Actually, the word “space” does not only symbolize the place outside the Planet Earth. Since humans have never reached the outer space due to technical issues and increased cost of electronics. As there is the result of the Global Chip Shortage, every cosmic mission will be postponed. Mission to Mars is only a planned project, and that still remains as a concept. This Space Corridor is the only solution for cosmic transportation. Lastly, this 3D model can be perfect for an endless running game.

space corridor

Purpose and Usage

The Cosmic Corridor is a multipurpose project. That 3D model looks very simple, but soon it will have some textures and details. This is a prototype, which means more iterations and improvements will be introduced in the future. Coming up with the 3D skills of the Creator, he has the possibility to increase and decrease the faces of 3D models. Also, he knows how to apply textures and make the 3D model more interesting. This 3D model can be used for movies, animations, animated videos of promo products and for gameplay videos. Probably, the showcase videos are not very worth it, but this 3D corridor is.

Tutorial video?

Coming soon! The Creator has to edit the tutorial video and spend two or more days on bringing his imagination to reality. Audio and Video quality is much more important than the quantity of videos on the channel.

Download link?

Coming soon! Stay tuned to Kozmobot to find out when this model will be downloadable! Also, you can contact the website’s Creator every time.

What do you think?

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