Inktober Flower Drawing

Flower Drawing for Inktober Challenge.

The Creator has been busy with college, so he created this drawing during a boring class. So far, the Flower is the 21st Inktober Drawing. Most Inktober drawings have been missed, because there is not enough free time. Because the Creator has received a lot of positive feedback with this video, it is time to show it right here. This video is not really educational, but it can show the guide paths which tell you the way this character is desired to look like.

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Flowia the Camomile Flower

She is a flower who is rumored to appear in the next update of TicTuc game. That game has to perform a massive redesign and its updated version is on the board for July/August release. Flowia is a kind and friendly flower, who enjoys any kind of condition. Fellow monsters have decided not to eat flowers because Flowia is the most powerful flower and wants to throw a spell every time.

flowia inktober flower drawing

Flowia is a character in development. This post cannot describe much details, because it is up to decide which abilities does this character have and where will it be positioned. The postponed release of a video game project called Flowia the Florist is because of the Creator’s time organization and lack of good quality content and ideas. This game describes the next spring, where this character is the one and only talking flower. Flowia was never used before Inktober, but the inspiration for this character can be seen on Undertale character designs, coming from a character named Flowey. It is also a yellow-white flower but looks very different than this implementation.

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