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A new version of Kozmobot is coming! There are a lot of website news that will be present in the future. First of all, this website is becoming better! This site, of course, wants to promote new boxes, promo products and all graphics design tricks. Stay tuned and find your own job! Use this link …

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Tic Tuc game

An Endless runner for Android devices. Tic Tuc Game – The new game for Android devices! Tic Tuc is the game that was developed in July 2019, but it took a lot of times to publish it. Due to the problems of Policy Centre violations, the game was three times removed from the store, after …

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The kozmobot Slideshow is one of the best shows for our visitors. Like relaxing at the Troulos beach, learning a new programming language etc. First things first, the concept of our slideshow is shown here:


This is the best tutorial for beginners in Unity. You can use it at schools, private organisations and you can learn Unity for free by this video. 2D platformer is one of the best resources to start learning. First things first, the usage of 2D platformers makes sense for Unity developers. Visit it here: Programming


Your first personal assistant. This robot is for your good job! Meet Cosmo, a young robot who helps people solve Unity problems. First, this robot has an ability to teach Unity and NetBeans.   For testing purposes, Kozmo is one of the most imrovised robots who knows 10 programming languages. You can go to our …

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Learn Unity, Python and more at lower price! Learn Unity, Python and more at lower price! We have stated that our channel will bring you a lot of new videos! These videos will be very interesting. Please note that Python is coming in 2020! Enjoy watching other game tutorials before the real video comes out. …

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