Technical Paper Waste Project.

The project kutijice.com is specialized on the reduction of technical paper waste. First of all, It happens because the product uses large parts of paper. That fact was widespread during Gutenberg’s period, but it also takes part during today’s companies. There is only one difference: one small print shop with around ten employees makes 2 tons of technical waste. Some colleagues say that this is not a very big problem because there is 99% of recycled paper. The biggest logistics’ engagement is part of recycling process. It looks like that we have chosen the most unclean business related to printing. Is there any alternative? To find out, you should watch this video.

Everything starts with a new design, but that design has to reuse and recycle paper waste to the maximum extent.

The entire story comes from a paper box, that comes from Pinterest. For short time, the box received a big amount of impressions and it became viral in 198 countries. Although that is 5 countries more than the total UN members, this box has received a lot of attention. The main trick is, basically, in the balance of design ideas and productivity. The magical word of this video is Sustainability.

We have learned that we can join various organizations that can help us get more designers, whose goal is in making better quality designs. Lastly, this profession can build up hundreds of new designers and co-workers, that will set their future goals besides…

Click the video to watch.
undp technical waste paper

This is Boxie, the UNDP program mascot.

He is a clever box whose main objective is to present the reduction of paper waste. He wants to help our home planet become healthier and better, thanks to the worldwide organizations and ecology projects. Boxie is created to undermine personal waste into something that can be reused. The Creator’s skills have made this video very informative.

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