3D Platformer in Unity – Player Jump

3D Platformer Jump

The easiest guide to make a 3D platformer jump script in C#, this video will help you understand the basics of Unity game development. This is the third part of the tutorial series; next part will focus on camera movement and moving with camera rotation.

In this video, I will teach you how to make your player jump in Unity. It is a super easy-to-follow video that will show you everything you need for making your player jump without issues.

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The very frequent problem is that jump script doesn’t work properly and beginners aren’t able to figure out. The video, however, was able to find the adequate solution for single jumping in Unity. Keeping the rules, player never jumps more than once.

Basically, every new video is a perfect entry for the future of 3D game development. The third video of the series will help you make a small game scene that controls a capsule character. As you can probably realize, the player jump is not mandatory, only if you want to make your player have jumping abilities. That is the topic this video is about. Because Creator has planned a tutorial series, the playlist will feature up to 5 parts of the tutorial. There might be more parts, but the basic tutorial will feature first 5 videos + one compilation and miniature script for moving 3D player in Unity.

jump 3d platformer

About the Video

This video had lots of issues: the player didn’t want to jump. The next issue is that the player acted very weirdly: it was falling down with physics movement. The Creator has tried to look and fix these situations, but it was difficult to figure out. The video was done after a longer period because of Creator’s college tasks and inability to schedule time.

Unity Game Courses

The most popular category on Kozmobot, “UGC” is a section of videos that explain the process of game creation. It only focuses on Unity game engine because Unreal engine is planned for a 2023/24 session called “Unreal Courses”. This website will focus on making game dev tutorials that will be useful for beginners and intermediate users. The point is that Creator wants to be a professional instructor for game development education and help people make games on the easiest possible way.

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