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Tygo the Basketball Tiger!

tiger concept drawing inktober
Tygo is the first mascot from Kozmobot, who appears to be a basketball coach. His ability is to fix some major mistakes that beginners make. The Creator’s skills are to make his own drawing style with some simple lines.

The seventh week is a digital art project, not a pencil drawing. Not to sound snarky, but Inktober Tiger Drawing is a massive project. This means that Tygo, who appears in his red T-shirt, and maroon shorts, is just a character with anthropomorphic parts and a realistic tiger head. Unfortunately, creator’s YouTube channel is shut down…

The seventh week of the year is one of the most interesting parts, where digital art becomes more advanced. Although Kozmobot Channel is active since October 2021, this time it will make more views and support. Remember to watch till the end, because the Creator wants to show you the best artistic movements and tricks!

With Kozmobot, you can have a better design, according to creator’s drawing skills since Inktober. The Creator will help you if you have a music composer and a programmer, and he can be part of their job. Your objective is to create multimedia assets for everyone, in terms of digital creation, where the main topic is game development. This character is a mascot, not really game design.

More drawings coming soon!


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