Happy Drawing Everybody!

manikin challenge happy drawing
@kozmobot.channel Happy Drawing! Let Manikin draw like a pro! #letmedrawyou #manikin #manikinchallenge #happydrawing #artisttiktok #artistunknown #woodenman ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

A stop motion video with a manikin.

This is a stop motion video with a manikin trying to create a happy drawing. Though it is a bit misleading, it cannot draw properly! It could write a sentence, but only with an assistant, which is the Creator*. Manikin is a wooden man, which is an one-word name for that kind of wooden object.

This is a video where Manikin wants to draw something. Unfortunately, he ends up in writing a sentence, which has led to an off-topic situation. It is a bit complicated because this video is just a stop motion clip. Make sure to check out other videos and content! What makes this website better are the pull-quotes from the Creator:

Finding your own style can be tricky, but it will make you happy as an artist.

the Creator

*Creator is capitalized because it is a term used for a team builder. It has an emphasis on the one and only website content creator, who doesn’t use his real name on the Internet. He needs to find a team that will make workflow better.

This is a sentence for every single blog post. Kozmobot and Manikin are the two little friends whose objective is to make their website more engaging. After building a big database of blog posts, website visits will grow. To make it grow, share it with your friends. Share this website to a team of designers, or a game dev team that will make better game design assets for Kozmobot.

The point of this website is in engaging game developers and making a game with unreal, monstrous creatures. Kozmobot is the game changer!


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